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Introduction of 2019 Amendments on Chemical Registrations in Taiwan

Friday , 29th Nov 2019
Chemical Substances Registration Consulting Center of TCSB

The Chemical Substances Registration Consulting Center of TCSB will host a webinar on Nov, 29, 2019, 8:00-9:00 (CST). Because of the amendments on the Regulation of New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration in Taiwan on Mar, 11, 2019, the details of the amendments, differences between the old and new regulation, as well as introduction of annual report will be provided in this webinar. On the purpose to enhance the international understandings about Taiwanese' development of chemical management, this webinar will be provided in English and foreign companies as well as the original substance manufacturers are highly encouraged to attend this webinar.

  1. Updated Revisions of the Chemical Registration Regulation

  2. Annual Report Introduction

  3. Q&A Session

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