Recent Updates of Chemical Regulations in Thailand, Philippines, Australia and Japan

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Jared Chen, Jenny Zhou
Tuesday , 14th Apr 2020
REACH24H Consulting Group China

With the advance of global industrialization, chemical safety management now is attracting attention from a growing number of countries. Many Asia-Pacific regions have been developing their REACH-like regulations to manage industrial chemicals. Some of the regulations are relatively mature and the legislations are being optimized continuously, whilst some are still at the early stage to set up their chemical management system. This webinar aims to share the current situation and recent updates of chemical regulations specifically in Thailand, Philippines, Australia, and Japan, and to provide suggestions on the pre-market and post-market obligations for enterprises.

  1. Background

  2. Current Status

  3. Future Trends

  4. Compliance Suggestions

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  • Regulatory Affairs Consultant
    Mr. Jared Chen is an experienced consultant from the Asia-Pacific Chemical Registration Department of REACH24H. He plays a role to provide professional advice for clients who seek chemical compliance solutions. With a background of chemistry, Mr. Chen possesses expertise in chemical regulatory affairs in China, China Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Philippines, and other Asian Pacific region. And his advanced mediation and communication skills enable him to help clients home and abroad cope with challenges to remove the regulatory business barriers in a speedy and cost-effective way.
  • Regulatory Affairs Consultant
    Jenny Zhou is committed to following the chemical regulations news in the Asia-Pacific region, including the registration of new chemical substances in China;Registration of new/existing chemicals in Taiwan; Registration of Japan& Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, and other regional regulations. In the process of assisting large enterprises at home and abroad in compliance, she has accumulated a lot of chemical compliance experience and helped enterprises' products to quickly comply with chemical regulations for many times to promote the smooth progress of trade.