Updates in China's Hazardous Waste Management Regulations and Compliance Suggestions

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Andrew Dai
Tuesday , 9th Apr 2019
REACH24H Consulting Group China

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Compared with sewage and waste gas, the regulation and control of hazardous waste started late in China. However, with gradual improvements made to the system of sewage and waste gas regulation, the central government has been devoting greater efforts to strengthen the supervision of hazardous waste, introducing and revising a series of relevant regulations and policies. Due to frequent regulatory updates, uncertainties of policy orientation, and regional differences in supervision and law enforcement, enterprises may be confused about specific management requirements, which adds to the difficulty of compliance.

This webinar aims to show you a framework of China's latest regulations, policies, and standards on hazardous wastes management. We are going to interpret important regulatory documents as well as their updates for you to understand key points of supervision.

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  1. Status quo of hazardous waste management in China

  2. Interpretation of updates in regulations and policies on hazardous waste management

  3. Comparison of regional policies on hazardous waste management

  4. Priorities in compliance with hazardous waste management regulations

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Other Information

*Our speakers come from the EHS & GHS Compliance Department of REACH24H Consulting Group which offers customized services for enterprises to help them accurately grasp key elements of EHS & GHS compliance with relevant laws and regulations and avoid risks and costs associated with regulatory noncompliance.

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  • EHS Regulatory Consultant
    Mr. Dai obtained a master's degree in Energy and Environment from the City University of Hong Kong, and now he is engaged in the research of policies and regulations in the environmental field, especially the research on the atmospheric environment and the harmless disposal of hazardous wastes and resource utilization. Mr. Dai has extensive field experience in the standardized management of hazardous wastes and environmental risk management and control of industrial enterprises. He has customized hazardous waste compliance solutions and training for many Fortune 500 companies as well as many international mining associations and well-known international electronic brands and is proficient in relevant laws and regulations standard.