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WTO Circulates Indonesian Decree on Materials Exempted from Mandatory Halal Certification

WTO circulated Indonesian Decree on Materials Excluded from Halal Certification Obligation. Materials in the Decree do not require halal certification, including: 1) Materials derived from nature without any further process or physical process or addition of any auxiliary substances, additives, or other substances; 2) Materials without risk of containing or being contaminated by haram substances; 3) Non-dangerous materials without containing haram substances.



Indonesia requires that all halal products must apply for a Halal Certificate. Halal Certificate will become mandatory for cosmetic products since Oct. 17, 2026.


A Halal Certificate application shall be obliged to submit the following documents.

a. Business actor information;

b. Name and type of the product;

c. List of products and materials that are used;

d. Product processing.


Among which, materials that are used as referred to in item c shall be obliged to be halal materials proved by halal certificates.

On Jun. 14, 2022, WTO circulated Indonesian Decree on Materials Excluded from Halal Certification Obligation. 1 Effective on Dec. 27, 2021, this Decree provides an extensive list of ingredients and materials that are considered to be halal by their nature and are exempted from halal certification. This list is also known as the Halal Positive List of Materials, including more than 4,000 chemical substances. Companies that use materials listed in the Decree are capable of facilitating the process of selecting new materials and receiving incoming materials.

Materials exempted from halal certification are listed in the following table:

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