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Mandatorily Submission of Chemical/Petrochemical Data on ChemIndia Portal: An Initiative by Govt. of India to Develop the Chemical Inventory of India

Chemical data submission is now mandatory for India chemicals and petrochemicals units. Relevant companies should register on the portal and designate an unit operator to submit data online as per the Schedule.

Over the past year, the Department of Chemical & Petrochemical (DCPC) has been diligently working towards making the ChemIndia portal a mandatory platform for chemical data submission, and its inclusion in the gazette signifies the official endorsement and enforcement of this initiative.


In accordance with the Collection of Statistics Act of 2008, the Department of Chemical and Petrochemical published an official notification in the Indian Gazette on February 27, 2024, notifying registered chemical and petrochemical units in India that they must begin submitting chemical data on a monthly basis as of that date.

The successful launch and gazetting of the ChemIndia portal represent a significant step forward in India's journey towards establishing a robust and data-driven regulatory ecosystem for the chemical sector. This milestone underscores the government's proactive approach to promoting responsible and sustainable chemical management practices, which will have far-reaching benefits for public health, environmental protection, and economic development.

The ChemIndia Webportal is designated to facilitate the collection, compilation, and analysis of real-time data from registered chemical and petrochemical industries/units. The collected statistics will encompass a comprehensive array of information including Production Quantity, Installed Capacity, Import, Export, Sales, and associated data. These statistics are crucial for the generation of the monthly Index of Industrial Production (IIP). DCPC will also utilize this data for policy development. 

Data submission must adhere to the details outlined in the provided Schedule.

Process Hierarchy

There are 5 responsible entities in the portal: DCPC facilitator, DCPC coordinator, company, company unit, and company unit operator. Different entities are subject to different capabilities or privileges as detailed in the User Manual. The process hierarchy is shown below: 


Applicability of Schedule

As per recently published notification in Gazette of India by DCPC the Schedule will be applicable on registered Indian Chemical & Petrochemical units.

How the chemical data will be collected?

Data will be collected via online mode through the ChemIndia Web Portal. ( ) by Indian local companies who is dealing with Chemical & Petrochemical Sector.

Responsible for Data Submission

The owner or manager of a registered unit (Informant)

What type of the data needs to be submitted?

  • Total Production of Chemical (Monthly or yearly basis)

  • Total Installed Capacity

  • Export details of Chemical/Petrochemical

  • Import details of Chemical/Petrochemical

  • Sales/Purchase of Chemical/Petrochemical


As stated in the notification, each informant would have to provide the information for each calendar month by no later than the tenth day of the subsequent calendar month.

Data Entry by the Unit Operator:

  • Chemical Category

  • Description of the Chemicals & Petrochemicals

  • List of main constituents of the Substance/mixture/article with 10% (w/w) or more concentration

  • Classification & Labelling Information (According to 9th revision of UN-GHS)

  • Installed Capacity of Chemicals/Petrochemicals

  • Monthly production of Chemical/Petrochemicals

  • Sales/Purchase of Chemical/Petrochemical

Format for List of Main constituent of the Substance/Mixture/Article with 10% or more concentration:

S.NoIUPAC nameNameCAS No.HS codeMolecular formulaIsomerPhysical stateMolecular structure

Format for Classification and Labelling detail (According to the 9th Version of GHS):

S.NoHazard classificationResulting hazardHazard categoryHazard subcategorySpecific Conc. Limits where applicableMain use categorySpecification industrial professionalRoute exposureEnv. exposurePattern exposure

Process of Data Approval:


Language of Data

The Chemical/Petrochemical data entry shall be in English Language as per prescribed format on ChemIndia Web portal.

Regulatory Reference

The provisions under the 2008 Statistics Act and the 2011 Statistics Rules apply to everyone involved in any activity related to the aforementioned instructions.

Responsible Authority Contact

Statistics OfficerAddress

Deputy Director General

(Statistics and Monitoring Division)


Presently Shri Ganga Kumar

Department of Chemicals and Petrochemical, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers,

Room No. 419, ‘C’-Wing, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110001

Tele; 23387761 (O)

Email ID:

Supervision by the Authority

In accordance with the Schedule of the gazetted notification the Statistics Officer or a person designated by him may confirm the information provided by the units on the basis of business records of the unit and request clarifications from the relevant owner or manager or a person authorised by the management of unit.

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