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A Look Back at 2023 with ChemLinked: Chemical Regulatory Updates in China

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Sundae Ji
Monday , 22nd Jan 2024

2023 has been an eventful year for the chemical industry, marked by notable advancements and regulatory changes. Governments and international organizations have taken proactive measures to enhance safety and transparency in the industry, resulting in the implementation of new regulations and policies governing chemical management. This has led to a shift in compliance requirements for companies operating in the sector, presenting both challenges and opportunities for growth.

Notably, Chinese mainland has made notable strides in prioritizing scientific, digital, and intelligent chemical management. Initiatives such as the chemical information investigation targeting thousands of chemicals and the adoption of UN GHS Rev.8 for chemical classification through the draft GB 30000.1 have showcased significant progress in the Chinese mainland. Additionally, Taiwan, China has upgraded the Environmental Protection Administration to a full-scale Ministry of Environment to respond to higher priority being placed on pressing environmental challenges. Several guidance documents on chemical registration, risk assessment and the use of predictive toxicology data have been published to facilitate the implementation of Taiwan REACH.

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