Chemical Management in Taiwan

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Lynn Huang
Tuesday , 19th Sep 2017
Taiwan EPA

Effective from 11 Dec 2014, Taiwan's new and existing chemical registration scheme presented some major challenges for industry. This webinar will examine the current regulatory landscape and introduce the approaching Phase 2 standard registration of priority existing chemical substances (PECs). In addition, the draft amendments of the New and Existing Chemical Registration Regulation will be interpreted, including some significant changes to hazard & exposure assessment, review period, confidentiality validity, annual reporting, etc.

We cooperate with Chemical Substances Registration Center of Taiwan EPA to hold this webinar in three languages. Don't forget to come because your feedback may influence the future chemical management policy.

  1. Overview of New and Existing Chemical Registration in Taiwan

  2. Approaching Standard Registration of Priority Existing Chemicals

  3. Revision of New and Existing Chemical Registration Regulation

  4. Frequently Asked Questions about Chemical Registration

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  • Key Account Dept. Manager
    Ms. Huang is a recognized professional consultant in Global Chemical regulations, specialty in Chinese New Chemical Substance Notification Regulation ('China REACH'), hazardous chemical regulation in China, implementation of Taiwan TCSCA/OSHA and Korea REACH. Lynn Huang is responsible for business collaboration with EU and U.S. partners as well as serves REACH24H VIP clients for more than 6 years. She has gathered extensive experience in Chinese and Europe chemical regulation compliance practices and is professional in helping international companies with their requirements about solving global chemical regulatory affairs. She is also an experienced speaker who gives presentation during REACH24H worldwide seminar and workshops. Ms. Huang is also responsible for Chemlinked platform operation and development, expand collaborations with associations, and expert resources for the platform. Jointly work with the operation team and editor team to build long-term developing plan.