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India Publishes Quality Control Order for Ortho Phosphoric Acid

Once implemented, the QCO shall mandate the manufacturer to apply for a Grant of License by the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) to use the CRS Mark.

On April 13, 2024, India's Department of Chemical and Petrochemicals (DCPC) published the Ortho Phosphoric Acid (Quality Control) Amendment Order, 2024 on the gazette of India. 

According to the amendment, the Quality Control Order (QCO) for Ortho Phosphoric Acid shall take effect from April 13, 2024. Within 90 days from its publication, the QCO shall not apply to Ortho Phosphoric Acid when used as raw material in production of fertilizers. 

This QCO does not apply to chemicals for export only. The chemical product shall conform to IS 798: 2020 Orthophosphoric Acid — Specification and bear the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) Mark under the Grant of License by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Any person who contravenes the provisions of the Orders shall be punished according to the Bureau of Indian Standards Act (BIS Act), 2016. 

The Ortho Phosphoric Acid (Quality Control) Amendment Order, 2024 can be accessed here.

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