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India Publishes Quality Control Orders for 8 Chemicals

On April 27, 2022, India's Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers published Quality Control Orders (hereinafter referred as the Orders) for 8 chemicals, which will come into force 181 days after their promulgation in the Official Gazette.

The Orders do not apply to chemicals for export only. The chemical products conforming to the requirements of the Orders shall bear the Standard Mark under a license from the Bureau of Indian Standards. Any person who contravenes the provisions of the Orders shall be punished according to the Bureau of Indian Standards Act (BIS Act), 2016.

Table 1. Basic Information of the Orders

Goods or Articles

Indian Standard

Title of  Indian Standard

1, 3 Phenylenediamine

IS 17450:2020

1,3 Phenylenediamine — Specification

Lauric Acid

IS 10931:1984

Lauric Acid — Specification

Acid Oil

IS 12029:1986

Acid Oil — Specification

Palm Fatty Acids

IS 12067:1987

Palm Fatty Acids — Specification

Rice Bran Fatty Acids

IS 12068:1987

Rice Bran Fatty Acids — Specification

Coconut Fatty Acids

IS 12069:1987

Coconut Fatty Acids — Specification

Rubberseed Fatty Acids

IS 12124:1987

Rubberseed Fatty Acids — Specification

Hydrogenated Rice Bran Fatty Acids

IS 12361:1988

Hydrogenated Rice Bran Fatty Acids — Specification

Click the Orders (in Hindi and English) for more details.

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