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Taiwan to Update Emission Limits for Hazardous Air Pollutants

On July 29, 2022, Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) opened a 60-day public consultation on amendments to the Hazardous Air Pollutant Species and Emission Limit Standards for the First Batch of Stationary Pollution Sources.

The draft amendments were proposed based on the Stationary Pollution Source Hazardous Air Pollutant Emission Standards which was promulgated on February 26, 2021 setting emission standards for a total of 22 types of hazardous air pollutants. The proposed amendments include: 

  • Renaming as the “Hazardous Air Pollutant Species and Emission Limit Standards for Stationary Pollution Sources”

  • Adding pipe emission limits for 18 hazardous air pollutants;

  • Tightening pipe emission limit for Trichloroethene from 5,000 ppm to 55 ppm;

  • Adding emission limits for 23 hazardous air pollutants discharged by exhaust gas outlets, e.g., factory ventilation holes, rather than by the flue, chimney or pipes.

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