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China Publishes Pilot Construction Plan for "Industrial Internet + Work Safety of Hazardous Chemicals"

Recently, China’s Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM) issued the Pilot Construction Plan for "Industrial Internet + Work Safety of Hazardous Chemicals" (hereafter referred to as the “Plan”). The Plan provided practical guidance for implementing the Act Plan for "Industrial Internet + Work Safety (2021-2023)" in petroleum and chemical industries, aiming at deepening the integration of new-generation information technology such as the Industrial internet, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI) with chemical safety management.

The Plan sets forth major tasks in 25 aspects, including the construction of “two platforms and one center”, management of major hazard installations, hierarchy of risk control and elimination of hidden dangers, evaluation of industrial parks, etc. The Plan also puts forward the implementation plan and pilot principles, as well as safeguards.

The “two platforms and one center” refer to a work safety supervision platform, a data support platform, and a center which mine data value based on the data aggregated and exchanged through the two platforms. Under such framework, a series of national database for the work safety of hazardous chemicals will established, including:

  1. National database of employees exposed to hazardous chemicals and their job safety evaluation;

  2. National database of characteristics of production facilities of hazardous chemicals;

  3. National database of invalidation of equipment and facilities of hazardous chemicals;

  4. National database of properties of hazardous chemicals;

  5. National database of chemicals contractors;

  6. National database of hidden dangers concerning work safety of hazardous chemical enterprises;

  7. National database of cases of work safety risks and accidents of hazardous chemicals;

  8. National database of laws, regulations, standards and norms for work safety of hazardous chemicals.

The next three years (2021-2023) will be a period of rapid growth of China's industrial Internet. The Plan will contribute to achieving the nation’s three-year goal to a development pattern of coordinated advance of industrial internet plus work safety of hazardous chemicals with capabilities in quick sensing, real‑time monitoring, early warning, interconnected processing, systemic evaluation, etc.

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