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China’s Newly Revised Safe Production Law to Take Effect in September

On June 10, 2021, a revision to the Safe Production Law of the People’s Republic of China was adopted at a meeting of China’s top legislative body. The newly revised law is set to take effect starting from September 1 this year.

Three rounds of public consultation were conducted on the revision, and the latest one was opened earlier in February this year (see ChemLinked news [1]).

At a press conference held on the morning of June 11, an official from the Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM) noted that the revision has improved the responsibility system for production safety. For instance, it clarifies the regulatory responsibilities of local governments and relevant authorities, and aims to ensure that production and operations entities fulfill primary responsibilities for production safety.

Moreover, the revision also involves precautions for and solutions to new problems and risks. For new risks arising from new forms of business and new models, it is stressed that a sound responsibility system must be put in place to enhance the education and training of relevant personnel and ensure the fulfillment of statutory obligations of production safety.

ChemLinked will soon produce an English translation of the newly revised law. Please stay tuned.

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