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CICO, K-REACH’s SIEF System Finally Opens

The highly anticipated K-REACH CICO (analogous to EU REACH’s substance information exchange forum -SIEF) finally opened on 7th October. Companies that want to complete joint-registration need to join CICO first. Enterprises willing to play the role of LR or AM in CICO, are advised to join as soon as possible to improve the outcome in the LR/AM election.

On 7th October 2019, South Korea finally open the Chemical Substance Information Communicative Organization (CICO) [1] to the public. CICO is the SIEF system used in K-REACH and is a hugely important topic for stakeholders (Chemlinked News [2]). According to Article 10 of K-REACH, the existing chemical substances which are imported or manufactured over 1 ton per year shall complete pre-registration or late pre-registration to obtain a Grace Period for importation or production prior to formal registration. For enterprises that wish to register the same substance, it is necessary to join CICO first and then establish a "consortium" to prepare for joint registration during the grace period.

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