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EU Nanomaterials Registration: Current Status and Challenges

ECHA is preparing guidance documents to address challenges facing the industry in nanomaterial registration. Registrants shall raise the awareness of nanomaterial compliance, providing safety data on nanomaterials timely to ensure that nano products can enter the European market in a compliant, safe and sustainable manner like other chemicals.

With the rapid development of nanotechnology, nanomaterials are now widely used across many fields. Although nanomaterials offer technical and commercial opportunities, they may also pose risks to humanhealth and the environment. More and more attention is paid on this sector, and ECHA has tighten the supervision on nanomaterials registration. At the CRAC-HCF 2021 Virtual Forum held by REACH24H on November 11, 2021, Mr. Abdelqader Sumrein, the Science Officer from European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) introduced the current situation of nanomaterials registration in EU and the efforts made by ECHA. 

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