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MEE Releases Comprehensive Management Plan for VOCs in Key Industries

China MEE released a comprehensive plan to strengthen the management of VOCs in key industries such as petrochemical, coating, packaging and printing, oil storage, gas station and so on. The plan describes the current situation and existing problems of China's VOCs governance in detail and points out management goals and methods. The major monitoring areas, focused VOCs substances, as well as the requirements for record keeping, industrial enterprises governance points and the petroleum products storage, transportation and sales governance points are all covered in the annexes of the plan.

On 26th June, China Ministry of Environment and Ecology (MEE) released the Comprehensive Management Plan for Volatile Organic Compounds in Key Industries [1] to strengthen the guidance on governance of VOCs. Recently, China issued several national standards to complete the management of VOCs. In particular, they provide more detailed regulations on VOCs emissions in some key industries. (Chemlinked News Ⅰ, News Ⅱ) According to the MEE research, the emission of VOCs has become a major source of atmospheric and environmental pollution. VOCs are important precursors in the formation of PM2.5 particulates and ozone (O3). The new comprehensive management plan is expected to improve pollution control of VOCs in key industries and in key regions.

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