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MoE Deny Environmental Regulations Hinder Localization of Semiconductor Materials

In South Korea, the localization of semiconductor materials has been heatedly discussed, and MoE's environmental regulations are considered to be the main resistance to localization. MoE published an explanation that environmental regulations have played a very important role in reducing chemical safety accidents and many special measures have been taken to ensure self-sustainability in important precursor materials. Other factors affecting the localization of semiconductor materials were discussed, and MoE stated that it would offer full support.

Recently, the trade friction between Japan and South Korea on semiconductor materials has caused worldwide concern (ChemLinked News [1]). In the face of Japan’s tough attitude, South Korea has to find other ways to obtain these important raw materials in a short time. One of the most contentious issues for South Koreans is the country’s lack of self-sustainability in semiconductor raw materials. 

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