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South Korea Requires a Certificate of Recycled Resources for Food Packages

On June 10, 2022, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) promulgated the Food Sanitation Act1, mainly adding the legal ground to regulate the usage of recycled resources in manufacturing food packages.

As per the last version of Food Sanitation Act1, the competent authority will establish the standards of recycled resources for manufacturing food apparatus, containers, and packages.

If the manufacturers intend to produce food apparatus, containers, and packages using the recycled resources, they need to apply for MFDS' recognition with application documents. If the recycled resources comply with the standards, the authority will issue a certificate to the applicant.

food-package-recycled-materails-review-procedure.jpg(Application procedure)

Please note that non-recognized recycled resources are prohibited from being used in manufacturing food apparatus, containers, and packages. South Korea also bans importing, manufacturing, storing, transporting, or displaying non-recognized recycled resources.

ChemLinked’s Notes

Although the standards, manufacturing processes, and submission documents haven’t been specified yet, the Korean competent authority shows a sign of enhancing the supervision of recycled materials and the efficiency of resource utilization.

ChemLinked anticipates that the subordinate regulations regarding the detailed application procedure and enterprises' obligations will be issued soon after. We will keep you informed when the follow-up regulations are revealed. Stay tuned to ChemLiked.

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