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Taiwan EPA Makes Public the Inspection Results of Environmental Agents throughout 2021

Selling or advertising environmental agents online without a permit will be fined.

On May 17, 2022, Taiwan’s Environment Protection Administration (EPA) announced the results of 2021 inspection on the selling and advertising of environmental agents. The Taiwan EPA calls on the public to minimize the use of environmental agents, emphasizing that environmental rectification is the best cure for pest prevention.

2021 in Review

There were 37,621 cases inspected in 2021, involving environmental agents’ advertisements, labels, counterfeit products, and active ingredient concentration, etc., with a pass rate of 98.7%. More specifically,

  • 233 of the 10,242 advertisements were found illegal, and most of the illegal advertisements were posted for selling disinfectants, cockroaches and ant killers on e-commerce platforms without a permit.

  • 270 of the 27,260 labels for environmental agents were found unqualified.

  • 117 environmental agents were tested for the concentration of active ingredients and all are qualified.

  • 2 unregistered counterfeit environmental agents were ferreted out (in violation of Article 46, Paragraph 1 of the Environmental Agents Control Act - those who manufacture/import counterfeit or prohibited environmental agents shall be fined between NT$ 300,000 and NT$ 1,500,000).

The above-mentioned unqualified or illegal cases have been punished in accordance with the law and the relevant products have been required to be pulled off the shelves for improvement within a limited period.

In addition, people who sell environmental agents (e.g., insecticides, mosquito repellants) or post relevant advertisements on the e-commerce platforms without a permit will be fined up to NT$ 300,000.

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