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FAQ | Official Interpretation of Hazchem QR Code Application in China

On August 31, 2022, REACH24H consulting group held a webinar themed on the Hazchem QR code application in China. Mr. Chen Jun, an official from the Chemical Registration Management Office of the Ministry of Emergency Management, shared valuable information on recent trends in the QR code program to enhance the digital and intelligent management of hazardous chemicals. To facilitate the information management of hazardous chemicals, China introduced the "One enterprise, one chemical product, and one QR code" principle in early 2022 as per the National Plan for Centralized Management of Safety Risks of Hazardous Chemicals. Following this principle, China launched the new Hazardous Chemical Registration Comprehensive Service System on February 16, 2022 to support the automatic generation of QR codes for registered hazardous chemicals. Many cities and provinces in China, e.g., Guangdong, Suzhou, Shandong, etc., have issued relevant documents to roll out the pilot QR programs. The official documents for Zhejiang and Shanghai’s pilot programs are expected to be issued soon, shared by Mr. Chen. The authority hopes the expanded pilots will pave the way for universal implementation nationwide in the near future.
1. a) When will the regulation on Hazchem QR Code application be published? b) Will it be a national standard for labeling?

For question a): The release date of the regulation remains uncertain.

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