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17,045 Substances Pre-registered under Korea REACH

187,494 pre-registration applications were submitted for 17,045 chemical substances. More than 11% of the pre-registered substances are manufactured or imported over 1,000 tonnes per year.

On January 11, 2021, South Korea's Ministry of Environment (MoE) published the updated list of pre-registered substances under K-REACH. So far, a total of 187,494 pre-registration applications were submitted for 17,045 chemical substances.

South Korea’s Existing Chemicals Inventory (KECI) contains 44,491 existing substances (ChemLinked news). The pre-registered substances account for more than 38% of the existing chemical substances circulated in South Korea.

For each pre-registered substance, the MoE provides information including

  • KE number, CAS number and chemical name

  • number of applications for pre-registration;

  • the maximum tonnage band (1-10t/y: 6,773 substances; 10-100t/y: 5,639substances; 100-1000t/y: 2,749 substances; Above 1000: 1,884 substances);

  • if it is a CMR substance;

  • if consumer uses apply; and

  • hazard classification information.    

1,884 substances were pre-registered with a maximum tonnage band of over 1,000 tonne per year, accounting for over 11% of the pre-registered substances. They should complete joint registration before the first registration deadline as of December 31 of 2021. The Ministry of Environment urges the stakeholders involved with these substances to join consortium and speed up the registration work.

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