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17,096 Substances Pre-registered under Korea REACH

On April 9, 2021, South Korea's Ministry of Environment (MoE) published the updated list of pre-registered substances under K-REACH. So far, a total of 190,721 pre-registration applications have been submitted for 17,096 existing chemical substances, of which 78 are CMR substances. About 11% of the pre-registered substances are manufactured or imported over 1,000 tonnes per year. 

Manufacturers and importers involved with existing chemical substances with a volume over 1,000 tonnes per year or CMR substances with a volume over 1 tonne per year should speed up to join consortium and complete joint registration before the first registration deadline of December 31 of 2021. 

For each pre-registered existing chemical substance, the MoE provides information including

  • KE number, CAS number and chemical name

  • number of applications for pre-registration;

  • the maximum tonnage band (1-10t/y: 6,767 substances; 10-100t/y: 5,658 substances; 100-1000t/y: 2,796 substances; Above 1000: 1,875 substances);

  • if it is a CMR substance;

  • if consumer uses apply; and

  • hazard classification information.    

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