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AICIS Changes to Industrial Chemical Compliance Rules in Effect (Updated on April 24, 2024)

Updates to AICIS categorization, reporting and record-keeping requirements took effect on April 24, 2024.


The changes to requirements for the categorisation, reporting and record-keeping obligations under AICIS came into force on April 24, 2024. These changes are due to amendments to the Industrial Chemicals (General) Rules 2019 (Rules) and Industrial Chemicals Categorisation Guidelines. The AICIS also updated the corresponding guidances, which are now available.


On March 21, 2024, the Australian Government announced the updates to the Industrial Chemicals (General) Rules 2019 (hereinafter referred to as Rules), which will commence on April 24, 2024. Certain proposals were made public to solicit feedback from the industry last year, focusing on the AICIS categorization, reporting and record-keeping requirements (CL news). In response to the feedback received, proposed updates have been fine-tuned to better accommodate the needs of various industrial stakeholders. Notable updates to the Rules include:

  • Replacing written undertakings with records to make compliance easier.

  • Increasing recognition of International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) names for reporting and record keeping. The modified categorization criteria will benefit local soap producers, introducers (manufacturers and importers) of chemicals in flavor and fragrance blends, and Introducers of controlled hazardous chemicals.

  • Enhancing categorization criteria and reporting obligations for health and environmental protection, e.g., preventing the classification of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) as exempted or reported introductions.

By implementing these updates, the authority aims to enhance regulatory efficiency, encourage compliance, and bolster safeguards for health and the environment. To ensure a smooth transition, temporary record-keeping provisions will be applicable until April 23, 2024, exclusively for eligible introducers who transitioned from NICNAS to AICIS and are still importing or manufacturing chemicals previously listed on the NICNAS Inventory. However, for introductions made on or after April 24, 2024, the updated record-keeping requirements in the amended Rules will apply.

Moreover, according to the official announcement, the forthcoming changes to the Industrial Chemicals Categorization Guidelines will be unveiled soon, with most adjustments aligning with the commencement of the amended Rules on April 24, 2024. However, certain updates to the guidelines will take effect in September 2024, allowing industrial stakeholders additional time to prepare. Industry stakeholders are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the amended Rules and forthcoming guidelines to ensure smooth adherence to the updated requirements.

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