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Brazil Senate Moves Forward with REACH Implementation

Brazil's REACH-inspired Bill was passed in the first of the three Committee in the Senate and is moving along with momentum.

On April 24, 2024, Brazil's Science, Technology, Innovation and IT Committee (CCT) in the Federal Senate nodded through the emerging REACH-like chemical law (PL 6120/2019). 

At the 8th Meeting (Extraordinary), the "ad hoc" rapporteur, Senator Fernando Dueire, offered a favorable opinion to Amendment nº 1, authored by Senator Dr. Hiran. 

The Amendment nº 1 introduces "preparations and substances intended for prevention, diagnosis or health treatment classified as medical devices" as chemical substances exempted from the Bill. 

The Bill has now exempted the following categories of chemical substances: 

  • Radiative

  • Non-isolated intermediates

  • For the purpose of national defense and research

  • Residuals

  • Result from an unintentional chemical reaction

  • Imported for export again

  • Temporary storage

  • Naturally existed substances

  • Narcotics, psychotropic and immunosuppressive drugs

  • Used exclusively as ingredients of tobacco and derivatives

  • Metal alloys for structural purpose

  • Explosives and their accessories

  • Pesticides, medicine, cosmetics and sanitizer

  • Preparations and substances intended for prevention, diagnosis or health treatment classified as medical devices

Next, the Bill will be forwarded to the Environmental Committee (CMA) and Social Affairs Committee (CAS) successively for approval. 

As Brazil's REACH-inspired Bill moves along the Senate with momentum, it is expected be enacted into law this year. Brazil will soon join its Latin counterparts Chile, Colombia and Peru to establish a modern chemical management framework. 

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