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China Hazardous Substances Import and Export Management and Inspection

China has one of the largest chemical industries and markets in the world and the connection between China and international market is vital for both. After being merged with Zhoushan Port this September, Ningbo Port became the largest port in the world and the most important port for the import and export of chemical substances in China. After the Tianjin Explosion this August, an even greater volume of chemicals are imported and exported in Ningbo Port stretching the supervisory and enforcement capacities of port customs authorities. During REACH24h’s Chemical Regulatory Annual Conference 2015 in Hangzhou, Mr. Zongtao Wu from Ningbo Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau detailed the management and supervisory protocols and procedures used for hazardous chemical substances at Ningbo Port and gave some practical advice to industry concerning hazardous chemical import and export.

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