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China to Implement New Hazchem Registration Online System

The Guangdong province has led the country in implementing the new Hazchem registration online system from July 12, 2021. The scope of substances subject to hazardous chemical registration and the application process remain the same, while the new version of the system requires more data, e.g., more detailed information of enterprises and personnel, to facilitate big data analytics nationwide.

In addition, a QR code system is incorporated into the new version of the system. Each registered product will be assigned a QR code, through which the user will be connected to the system to access all relevant registration information and download the corresponding SDS and label of the product.

Chemicals listed in the Catalogue of Hazardous Chemicals, and chemicals that are not listed in the Catalogue but identified as hazardous are subject to hazardous chemical registration in China. The new version of the online system is now only piloted in Guangdong province and the other provinces and cities still use the national online system. The registration in Guangdong has in practice encountered some IT problems during the upgrade of registration software. If the pilot is successful, the new version of the system will be applied to the whole nation.  

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