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EU Consults on Introducing Dechlorane Plus under POPs Regulation

Dechlorane plus will be restricted under POPs Regulation with specific exemptions of UTC.

At the eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Stockholm Convention, which took place in Geneva, Switzerland in May 2023, it was decided to include dechlorane plus in Annex A to the Convention with certain specific exemptions.  

Following the decision to add dechlorane plus to the Convention, the European Commission recently published an initiative which amends Annex I to the POPs Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2019/1021) to include dechlorane plus as a substance subject to certain restrictions. 

The draft delegated regulation is open for consultation until July 24, 2024. The amendment is proposed to take effect on February 26, 2025. 

To reinforce the application and enforcement of Article 3(1)(b) of POPs Regulation in EU, a limit value is set for dechlorane plus occurring as an unintentional trace contaminant (UTC) in substances, mixtures and articles. Exemptions are also provided for certain essential applications. The details are shown below: 

SubstanceCAS No.EC No.Specific exemption on intermediate use or other specification
Dechlorane plus
Dechlorane plus includes its syn-isomer and anti-isomer
1. Concentrations of dechlorane plus equal to or below 1 mg/kg (0,0001 % by weight) where they are present in substances, mixtures or articles.

2. The placing on the market and use of dechlorane plus shall be allowed for the following purposes:

(a) aerospace, space and defence applications, until 26 February 2030;

(b) medical imaging applications, until 26 February 2030;

(c) radiotherapy devices and installations, until 26 February 2030;

(d) spare parts for any of the following:
(i) land based motor vehicles;
(ii) marine, garden and forestry machines;
(iv) aerospace, space and defence applications;
(v) medical imaging applications;
(vi) radiotherapy devices and installations.
where dechlorane plus was initially used in their production, until the end of their service life
or until 31 December 2043, whichever comes earlier.

(e) The Commission shall assess the need for a prolongation of the specific exemptions in points (a), (b), (c) and (d) at the latest by 1 April 2028.

(f) Articles containing Dechlorane Plus already in use in the Union before or on the date of expiry of the relevant exemption laid down in paragraph 2(a) to (d) may continue to be used.

(g) Placing on the market and use of spare parts containing Dechlorane Plus referred to in point (d)(iv) and already produced in the Union or imported before or on 31December 2043 shall be allowed.

The draft delegated regulation and Annex can be accessed here. 

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