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India Further Delays Implementation of Quality Control Orders for Ten Substances (Updated on Feb 2, 2023)

Update: On February 2, 2023, India’s Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals (DCPC) issued a circular in the Government Gazette to delay the implementation of quality control orders (QCOs) for acetic acid, aniline, methanol, morpholine, pyridine, gamma picoline, beta picoline, potassium carbonate, acetone, and sodium tripolyphosphate, of which were planned to come in force in early 2023. New implementation dates of these ten standards are shown below.

Goods or ArticlesTitle of Indian StandardImplementation Date
Acetic AcidIS 695: 1986 Specification for Acetic AcidAugust 3, 2023
AnilineIS 2833: 2019 Aniline, Technical-SpecificationAugust 3, 2023
MethanolIS 517: 1986 Specification for Methanol (Methyl Alcohol)August 3, 2023
MorpholineIS 12084: 2018 Morpholine- SpecificationAugust 1, 2023
Gamma PicolineIS 16113: 2013 Gamma Picoline- SpecificationSeptember 13, 2023
Beta PicolineIS 16112: 2013 Beta Picoline- SpecificationSeptember 13, 2023
Potassium CarbonateIS 7129: 1992 Potassium Carbonate, Anhydrous SpecificationSeptember 13, 2023
Sodium TripolyphosphateIS 6100: 1984 Specification for Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Anhydrous, TechnicalSeptember 13, 2023
AcetoneIS 170: 2004 Acetone- SpecificationSeptember 13, 2023
PyridineIS 8058: 2018 Pyridine- SpecificationSeptember 13, 2023


On March 11, 2022, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) published a circular to delay the implementation of mandatory quality control orders (QCOs) for six substances. These substances, which were supposed to be implemented this month, will become effective on September 11, 2022. 

The six substances are as follows:

Goods or Articles

Indian Standard

Title of Indian Standard

gamma picoline

IS 16113:2013

Gamma Picoline- Specification

beta picoline

IS 16112 : 2013

Beta Picoline- Specification

potassium carbonate

IS 7129:1992

Potassium Carbonate, Anhydrous Specification

sodium tripolyphosphate

IS 6100:1984

Specification for Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Anhydrous, Technical


IS 170:2004

Acetone- Specification


IS 8058:2018

Pyridine- Specification

The orders shall apply to chemicals for manufacture, import and trade. Each chemical shall conform to the corresponding Indian Standard as specified in the table and be marked with BIS Standard Mark after obtaining BIS product certification license, as specified in Scheme I of Schedule II of the Bureau of Indian Standards (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018. 

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