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MEM Revises the Administrative Measures on Emergency Response Plan for Workplace Accidents

On 11th July, MEM released the revised Administrative Measures on Emergency Response Plan for Workplace Accidents. Amendments have been made to adapt the Measures to the current online service system. Requirements for the filing and drilling of key enterprises’ emergency plans were added. The revised version will take effect on 1st, September 2019.

On 11th July, 2019, China Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM) issued Decree 2 of 2019 [1] to announce the Decision on Amending the Administrative Measures on Emergency Response Plan for Work Place Accidents and revise the Measures. This revision has made modified to include 19 provisions, involving the preparation, review, publication, filing, implementation and supervision of emergency response plans. According to the Decree, the revised Measures will enter into force on the 1st of September 2019. 

Compared with the previous version, modifications have been made to adapt the Measures to current management system. For example, under the State Council's proposal, on completion of the government service online, only the digital version of the plans need to be submitted (the paper version is no longer required in the new version). What’s more, influenced by the Regulations on the Emergency Response to Work Place Accidents [2], which was released by State Council earlier this year, the revised Measures strengthens the requirements for the filing and drilling of emergency plans. The amendments focus on the following aspects. 

Focusing on high risk enterprise

The scope of enterprises required to complete the filing of emergency response plans has been refined. Under new requirements not all enterprise have to submit their plan to government now. High risk enterprises, such as the manufactory, business (with storage facilities, the same below), storage and transportation units of flammable or explosive substance or hazardous chemicals, are required to complete filing within 20 days. At the same time, the new Measures require hazardous chemicals transportation units to examine and appraise their own plan, just like the other high-risk units involving hazardous substances. 

Emphasis on emergency response plan drills

According to the corresponding provisions in the Regulation, modifications have been made to emphasize the importance of drilling the emergency response plan. The frequency and minimum number of drills is specified. High risk enterprises should practice drills once per half-year and the emergency management departments of the people's government at all levels should organize a drill every two years. On the other hand, the people’s government at or above the county level should conduct spot checks on the drills of key units in the region and rectify any issues uncovered. Stricter penalties have also been adopted to dissuade deviation from requirements. 

It is clear that China is trying to make the emergency response plan play an important role in the management of high-risk units. For reference, GB/T 29639-2013 [3] shows the guidelines for enterprises to develop emergency response plan for work place accidents. For more information about China’s safe production management system, you can read other related articles on ChemLinked.

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