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Thailand Specifies Requirements for Declaration of Hazardous Substances under the Authorization of DIW

The draft specifies that a declaration is required when the stakeholders engage in storage, manufacturing, import, export activities above 100kg per half-year. The list of hazardous substances that are subject to the declaration has been updated.

On April 24, 2020, Thailand Department of Industrial Works (DIW) issued a notice [1]soliciting public comments on the draft of "Ministry of Industry Notification Subject: Declaration of the Hazardous Substances under the Authorization of Department of Industrial Works by Producer, Importer, Exporter or Possessor (No. 2) B.E."  The consultation will conclude on May 13, 2020, and the comments can be submitted on the DIW website or via telephone and email.

The Notification on the declaration was amended in 2004 [2], which requires that the declaration of hazardous substances under the authorization of DIW by producer, importer, exporter, or possessor shall be submitted every half a year. The information on the hazardous substances that should be declared is given, including chemical formula, trade name, quantity, and so on, and a list of 53 hazardous substances is annexed to the Notification.

According to the draft, the amendment made to the Notification includes the change in Article 4, which introduces the declaration, and the expansion of the list of hazardous substances that are subject to the declaration. The draft Notification No.2 specifies that the declaration is required when the hazardous substance volume that is manufactured imported, exported, or possessed exceeds 100kg per half-year. In the current version, there is no volume threshold. Also, the hazard type or the permit code is required when declaration in the draft and the new declaration templates will be provided.

The list of hazardous substances that are subject to the declaration is updated. The new list in the draft consists of 164 substances from Hazardous Substance List 5.1, 3 substances from List 5.4, and 6 substances from List 5.5. Compared with the current version, the number has increased significantly. The draft is scheduled to enter into effect on July 1, 2020, ChemLinked will report on it when the final version of the Notification is issued.

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