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UK to Reduce Costs to Business Transitioning from EU REACH to UK REACH

The UK government is considering reducing duplication and speeding up decision-making under UK REACH.

The UK government has launched a public consultation on revising UK REACH, and hopes the proposed changes will reduce costs for businesses transitioning from EU REACH to the UK REACH framework, while maintaining robust safeguards for human health and the environment.

Key proposals include:

  • Introducing an Alternative Transitional Registration model (ATRm) to reduce duplication and speed up the registration process for companies.

  • Improving the restriction and reporting processes under UK REACH.

  • Enhancing protections against unnecessary animal testing.

  • Seeking stakeholder feedback on potential impacts to trade.

The consultation period is open from May 16 to July 11, 2024. The consultation aims to gather input before the government introduces legislative changes, which will be followed by a second consultation and final impact assessment. The proposed changes are part of the UK's ongoing efforts to tailor the REACH-like regulations to the country's needs, while upholding safety standards.

Interested parties are encouraged to provide their feedback during the public consultation period. You can refer to the consultation hub to submit your comments. The government will consider the input received before finalizing the legislative updates to the UK REACH.

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