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Introduction to the Implementation of GHS in Asia Pacific Countries

Over the last several years there has been a global focus on development of stronger more scientific regulations on chemical safety management. Over the years, many countries and organizations have enacted laws, regulations and standards for classification and labelling of chemicals, but there are differences in terms of classification standards and labeling patterns in each region. The inconsistent classification standards result in different hazardous classification and labelling information in different countries for the same product, which brings great potential risks to the people who use chemicals. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a global uniform classification and labelling system in order to uniformly understand chemical hazards worldwide, to improve the awareness of chemical protection, and to reduce the cost of international trade. This article focuses on the relevant regulations and standards of hazardous chemicals in the Asia Pacific countries, to help enterprises deal with compliance work, avoid technical barriers in trade, and reduce their compliance costs and compliance risks.

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