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India to Revise Standards for Two Raw Materials for Paints and Varnishes

On April 27, 2022, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) published the draft amendments to two standards for barium sulphate and rutile titanium dioxide, which are used as raw materials in paint industry. The comments are welcome until:

  • 30 June for barium sulphate; and

  • 5 July for rutile titanium dioxide.

Both drafts prescribe methods of sampling and test, restrictions, requirements for packaging and marking etc. According to the drafts, the materials shall not contain lead exceeding 90 ppm. In addition, the materials shall not contain more than 0.1 percent of

  • mercury and mercury compounds,

  • cadmium,

  • chromium VI,

  • arsenic, antimony, and

  • their oxides.

The containers shall be marked with following details:

a) Name of the material;

b) Manufacturer's name and trade-mark, if any;

c) Mass of the material

d) Lead content (Maximum)

e) Toxic heavy metals content

f) Batch number or Lot number in code or otherwise;

g) Month and year of manufacture; and

h) A cautionary note as below:

    a. Keep out of reach of children, or

    b. This product may be harmful if swallowed or inhaled.

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