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K-REACH Registration of 332 Substances Needs Speeding Up

South Korea's MoE urges accelerated registration of 332 existing substances, of which 17 are CMRs.

On July 1, 2020, K-REACH Helpdesk issued a list of 332 existing chemical substances (including 17 CMRs). These substances should be subject to joint registration by the first registration deadline of December 31, 2021 according to their pre-registration volumes. However, organisation and management of the corresponding consortium has not been smooth. Some substances are not yet have lead registrants.

K-REACH requires registering existing chemical substances which are imported or manufactured over 1 ton per year. The first registration deadline applies to existing chemical substances with a volume over 1,000 tons per year or CMR substances with a volume over 1 ton per year.

The Ministry of Environment urges the main stakeholders involved with these 332 existing chemical substances to join consortium and speed up the registration work. The registrants are recommended to apply for official supports throughout their K-REACH registration process.

However, considering the time required during consortium communication, data gap analysis, data purchasing, generating testing data, etc., the substances that haven’t finished the very first step yet i.e. LR election, are unlikely to make the registration deadline. 

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