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South Korea to Allow Non-disclosure of Registration/Notification Number under K-REACH for CBI Concerns

On October 18, 2022, South Korea’s Ministry of Environment (MoE) issued the MoE Announcement No. 2022-567 to seek public comments on the proposed updates, i.e.,

If the application for non-disclosure of a substance’s chemical information is approved under other laws or regulations, its registration/notification number under K-REACH can be regarded as non-disclosure information for CBI concerns. No approval is required. However, whether or not the substance has been registered/notified shall be indicated to confirm its compliance under K-REACH.

According to K-REACH and its Enforcement Rules, registered or notified chemical substances and mixtures containing such substances are required to transmit required information in the supply chain, including the registration/notification number, substance names, hazards and risk information, and safety use information, etc. As per the current rules, companies who have CBI concerns shall apply for non-disclosure of relevant chemical information under K-REACH and get approval from the MoE. Considering that registration/notification number under K-REACH could be used to search for relevant information that has granted CBI protection under other laws, the MoE proposed to omit the approval process for non-disclosure of the registration/notification number under certain conditions.

Comments are welcome before November 7, 2022.

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