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China Issues Standard for Electroplating-silver Effect Coatings

Recently, the group standard ‘T/CSTM 00637-2022 Electroplating-silver Effect Coatings’ (hereinafter referred to as the Standard) was released and took effect on November 29, 2022. It specifies the requirements that the electroplating-silver effect coatings should conform to in China.

Compared with its draft version, which was released in early 2022, there are some changes made in the Standard:

  • Changing its English title from ‘Simulated Plating-silver Effect Coatings’ to ‘Electroplating-silver Effect Coatings’.

  • Classifying the electroplating-sliver effect coatings into three types, i.e., vacuum metallized aluminum type, high-quality metallic type or low membrane thick pearlescent type, according to their features. Their coating performance shall meet the corresponding requirements and indicators stipulated in Table 1 of the Standard.

  • Adding more notes, e.g., ‘The performance test is not required if the coating is applied to the underside of the transparent sample plate.’, to the coating performance requirements for electronic appliance and automotive interior parts.

  • Clarifying that the morphology of electroplating-silver effect coating should be observed by digital microscope, instead of optical microscope or scanning electron microscope.

The English translation of the Standard is available on ChemLinked, please click here.


Over the years, China has been making efforts to enhance the work on VOC control. In 2021, a plan to revise and integrate the current seven national mandatory standards on limits of harmful substances of coatings into three by 2025 was declared. Under the established standards, special functional coatings are exempt from the content limitation of VOCs. However, there are no specific lists or identification criteria for special functional coatings. To make it clear, more relevant standards are under formulation.

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