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South Korea Consults on 15 Toxic Chemical Substances

13 substances will be added to South Korea’s Toxic Chemical Substances List. Concentration limit will be updated for 2 toxic substances that were previously designated.

Latest update:

The proposed updates have been approved by  NIER Announcement No.2020-7 on March 24, 2020. No amendments have been made compared with the draft version. 


Published on February 24, 2020 by NIER Notice No. 2020-14[1], South Korea's National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) is now consulting on the potential updates on the Toxic Chemical Substances List (TCSL), including

  • Adding 13 new toxic chemical substances (Given No. 2020-1-957~2020-1-969)

  • Modifying the concentration limit of 2 toxic chemical substances (Given No. 2018-1-831 and 2018-1-865)

  • Providing transitional measures for the newly designated toxic chemicals, including import notification, labelling, off-site impact analysis, business licensing and other relative requirements as specified in the Chemical Control Act[2] (CCA) and its Enforcement Rules.

The details are accessible here [3]. Any comments are welcome before March 16, 2020.

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