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Korea Discloses Hazard Assessment Results of 37 New Chemicals (Updated on June 8, 2023 )


On June 8, 2023, by NIER Announcement No. 2023-27, South Korea's NIER adopted the updates to hazardous evaluation results of chemicals registered under K-REACH, and they took effect immediately.

According to the hazard assessment results of 37 new chemical substances (Given No. 2023.1 ~ 2023.37), the following 5 new substances are found to be toxic:

Given No.Chemical Name, CAS No. (if any)
Dichlorodimethylstannane(753-73-1) mixt. with trichloromethylstannane(993-16-8) (78643-41-1)
2023-4Matte, lead (84195-51-7)
2023-51,5-Diisocyanatopentane homopolymer, 2- ethyl-1-hexanol-blocked (1976005-08-9) 
2023-269-Ethenyl-9H-carbazole (1484-13-5)
2023-28Reaction mixture of 2-(1,1- dimethylpropyl)anthraquinone and 2-(1,2dimethylpropyl)anthraquinone 

More details can be accessed here.


By NIER Notice No.2023-228, South Korea’s National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) is now consulting on the hazard evaluation results of new chemical substances registered under K-REACH. These registered and assessed substances were issued with English names, CAS No., corresponding hazards, classification and labeling information, as well as the determination of whether it is classified as toxic chemical. Any comments are welcome before May 29, 2023.

The proposed updates include:

  • To add hazard assessment results of 37 new chemical substances (Given No. 2023.1 ~ 2023.37) that were registered and reviewed under K-REACH from September to December of 2022, of which 5 substances are toxic; and

  • To update hazard assessment results of 30 new chemical substances that were previously assessed, of which 8 substances are toxic.

The details of the proposed updates can be accessed here.

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