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30 Apr 2022: Deadline for Annual Reporting of China New Chemical Substances

Annual reporting of new chemical substances is due by April 30, 2022.

China’s Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center (SCC) issued a notice1 on January 22, 2022 to notify certificate holders to submit annual report of 2021 through the online submission system2 before April 30, 2022. There’s no need to mail the original paper version.

According to the notice, the 2021 annual reporting shall be prepared as per requirements under MEE Order No.123 of 2020 and MEE Announcement No.46 of 2020 (Transitional Arrangements for Environmental Management Registration of New Chemical Substances4).


  • New hazardous substances of priority environmental concern that were previously registered under MEP Order No.75; and

  • New substances for which the submission of an annual report is specified as an environmental management requirement in the Regular Registration Certificate under MEE Order No.12.


  • The actual production and import of new chemical substances;

  • The emission of new chemical substances into the environment; and

  • The implementation of risk control measures and environmental management of new chemical substances.

Enterprises that are obliged to submit an annual report shall complete the submission as soon as possible before the deadline (April 30, 2022), ensuring the chemical activities in China are legal and compliant. It should be noted that the registration certificate holder’s name, agent’s name and the registration certificate number specified in the annual report shall be consistent with those stated in the registration certificate.

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