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30 April 2023: Deadline for 2022 Annual Reporting on New Chemicals in China

A fine will apply if the annual report is not submitted as required.

China’s Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center (SCC) under the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) issued a notice in late 2022, notifying stakeholders to submit the 2022 annual report via the online registration system before April 30, 2023. The SCC-MEE also provided a list of certificate holders (or their appointed agents) who are obliged to submit the 2022 annual report. Details of the list can be accessed here, including 339 certificate codes, target certificate holder's or their appointed agent's name, and province where the company is located.

Target scope

  • New hazardous chemicals for priority environmental management that have obtained Regular Registration Certificate under MEP Order No. 7.

  • New chemicals that have obtained Regular Registration Certificate under MEE Order No. 12, on which annual reporting is specified as a post-registration obligation.

What shall be reported?

  • Annual production or import quantity.

  • Processors and users’ information.

  • Implementation situation of information.

  • Information transmission to downstream users.

  • Emissions to the environment.

  • Implementation of environmental risk control measures and environmental management requirements.

Given that there are about two months left before the deadline (April 30, 2023), it is recommended to prepare and submit the annual report in a timely manner to ensure your chemical activities in China are legal and compliant. It should be noted that the registration certificate holder’s name, agent’s name and the registration certificate number specified in the annual report shall be consistent with those stated in the registration certificate. A fine will apply if the annual report is not submitted as required under MEE Order No.1 2.

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